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Please submit an enquiry form online or you can also contact us on 1300 663 243 and we will send you a form or complete it over the phone.

The enquiry form helps our therapy and volunteer team review your request to make sure we can legally complete the project, it is safe and we have skilled volunteers in your area. We will also refer you to another supplier if there is a commercial solution available.
This way we can give you a quick answer about whether a Unique Solution or Freedom Wheels bike is suitable for you or your child. If everything looks ok we will arrange an assessment as needed and go from there to achieve your goal!
Please call us on 1300 663 243 and we can complete the form with you over the phone.
Alternatively, please complete the online form online here.

Adaptable Solutions
We will provide a quote to you for the cost of the solution and any customisation. Once approved, we will assign your solution request to a volunteer and let you know what the delivery time-frame will be.

Unique Solutions
Your goal and challenges will be reviewed by our therapist and volunteer who will determine if it’s a project we can do and if we have a volunteer who can take the project on. A volunteer with the right skills will be assigned and will visit if needed. There is no cost for this step.
After working out a solution with you and what materials are required we will provide a quote. A quote will be provided which can be used to secure funding form the NDIS or other funding schemes. If you do not have access to funding a subsidised quote will be provided. We can subsidise the cost of the projects thanks to support from grant funders, organisations and individual donors.
The price for Unique Solutions project will depend on the complexity of the project and the materials required. Your project will be built and brought to you for testing. Sometimes a prototype (or a few) will be made first to try out and then a final made form the correct materials when the design is confirmed as successful. Then you can achieve your goal!

Freedom Wheels
When you have completed the online form we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for an obligation-free, complimentary assessment. Our Occupational Therapist will consider your child’s needs and design a suitable “trial bike”, then assess how your child is riding and make any necessary adjustments.
We will provide a quote to help you secure funding from the NDIS or other funding schemes, or we can subsidise the cost of your bike thanks to our generous supporters. Your brand-new Freedom Wheels bike will be constructed at our workshop and checked over by a therapist. Your child’s bike will be delivered within 6-8 weeks.

We can give you a price indication for the Adaptable Solutions range over the phone. This price will change depending on the size and extra options selected and we’ll provide a quote to you once we know your child’s exact needs. Unique Solutions and Freedom Wheels are custom-made to order so it is not possible to provide this information over the phone. Once we know what the solution will be we’ll get a quote out to you as soon as possible!

When you receive the quote for your solution, please check the details and approve the quote by signing it and returning it to us or sending us an email accepting the quote and include the quote number. If you want to change anything, please amend the details as necessary. If these changes alter the costs, we get an updated quote to you.

You can use our quote to submit an application to the relevant funding body including the NDIS. There is a section for them to sign to approve the quote, or they can send an email or letter referencing the quote number.

The majority of work is performed by our skilled volunteers. After your approval to proceed has been received, we allocate the job to a volunteer with the appropriate skills to complete the work. In some cases, the volunteer may contact you to get more information and/or arrange to visit you. You will have a single contact person at Freedom Solutions, your Project Coordinator, to assist you along the way who can get in touch with the volunteer as needed and give you updates along the way.

Freedom Solutions does not manufacture harnesses or advise on their fitting. However, we can supply and fit a harness to your therapist’s prescription. We can fit the harness with the client sitting in the solution when it has been completed. The therapist must be present at this time to provide the appropriate mounting points.

You can withdraw your interest before you receive the quote, or decline the quote itself. If you withdraw after we receive your approval to proceed, you will be charged for any expenses that have already been incurred.

Our solutions often require prototyping and testing and our volunteers will work with you to ensure a great outcome. If you are not satisfied with the final solution, please contact our office and we will try to solve the problem.

A person you feel comfortable with will work with you to sort out any concerns you may have. Any service user, volunteer or member of the community has the right to make a complaint. What should I do?

– Tell someone at Freedom Solutions about your complaint or concern. Often your Project Coordinator is the best person to talk to as they are familiar with your TAD enquiry.  Call 1300 663 243 or email info@freedomsolutions.org.au. Concerns should be raised as soon as possible and if needed we will help you fill in a Feedback/Complaint form.

– A staff member or manager will talk to you about the problem and work with you to identify a solution you are happy with.

Freedom Solutions staff consider all complaints seriously and respond to them as quickly as possible. If the problem can’t be fixed by a staff member, your enquiry can be escalated to a manager. If you are not happy with the way a complaint has been managed or are not happy with the resolution, there are external services like the Complaints Resolution and Referral Service (Ph:1800 880 052) who can offer further assistance. Please talk to one of our staff if you would like more information.

All complaints or concerns raised in regards to Freedom Solutions services or staff are kept confidential and will not impact on an individual’s future involvement with the service. Following each project we will email a short survey to you asking how we did. This takes a few minutes and is so valuable for us to keep improving our service to you.
Please see below policies and procedures for more information: Feedback and Complaints Policy

You can email us at anytime with any feedback to either your Project Coordinator or info@freedomsolutions.org.au. Following each project we will email a short survey to you asking how we did. This takes a few minutes and is so valuable for us to keep improving our service to you.

Our volunteers love to hear how the project is helping you or your child achieve new goals! You can email us at anytime with a message to your volunteer to either your Project Coordinator or info@freedomsolutions.org.au. Following each project we will email a short survey to you asking how we did. This takes a few minutes and is so valuable for us to keep improving our service to you. There is a space to leave a message for a volunteer and we will pass the message on!

Freedom Solutions promotes and upholds an individual’s right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality and seek to ensure compliance with all federal state and local laws. Freedom Solutions is committed to upholding the principles of the NSW Disability Services Act and Standards and Freedom Solutions’s Standards Policies.
When accessing Freedom Solutions’s services, Freedom Solutions staff will share your information, with your permission, with the volunteer assigned to design and build your solution. We may also discuss your solution with your referring therapist if applicable.

Please read our Privacy and Confidentiality policy here.

Freedom Solutions’s Consumer Guide can be downloaded here.

Other policies that may be of interest can be found below:
– COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
– Feedback and Complaints Policy
– Refunds, Repair and – Replacement Policy
– Privacy and Confidentiality

If you have any questions regarding any of the above policies please call us on 1300 663 243 or email info@freedomsolutions.org.au.

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