Freedom Solutions Australia

Logo of Freedom Solutions Australia. The text "freedom solutions" is written in lowercase letters with "freedom" on top of "solutions," both in a bright blue colour. The letter "o" in "freedom" is stylised as a wheelchair symbol, representing inclusivity. Below "solutions," the word "australia" is written in smaller, lowercase letters. The logo also features a gear symbol integrated into the "o" of "solutions," signifying innovation and technology.

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A Fresh Face for an Established Charity: Solve-TAD Transforms into Freedom Solutions Australia.

After 48 years of dedicated service, Solve-TAD, a charity organisation that creates innovative and custom assistive technology solutions for people living with disabilities, has rebranded as Freedom Solutions Australia. The new name, logo, and brand identity reflect the organisation’s values, mission, and commitment to providing personalised, modern, and effective assistive technology solutions to its clients.



Freedom Solutions Australia, with its 25 staff and 250-strong team of volunteers primarily comprised of retired engineers and tradies, has been creating and modifying equipment for people living with disabilities to help them achieve their functional goals and live independently since founded by George Winston in 1975. Using modern technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, circuit board printing, carpentry, and welding, the organisation collaborates with product specialists, volunteers, and clients to create unique and custom solutions that are usually not available in the market.

We are excited about the fresh look of our organization and the opportunities it presents,” said Andrew Every, Chairman of Freedom Solutions Australia. As we continue to embrace generational volunteering and the importance of community service, we are confident that our new brand identity will help us bring our organization into the future. The NDIS has forever changed the way organisations such as ours serve our communities and we are changing as a result. One thing that will never change is the power of clever ideas to change the lives of people living with disabilities. We’re confident that our fresh look will support us supporting people living with disabilities.” 

Freedom Solutions Australia’s life-changing equipment includes custom bicycles, musical tables, beds, camper stairs, and ladders that empower people with disabilities to do their daily tasks independently. Freedom Solutions Australia is grateful for its community partners and donors who support their fantastic work in the communities, helping them create a better future for people with disabilities.

“Our rebranding journey was a long but rewarding process, involving consultations with our stakeholders and volunteers who have dedicated their time and expertise to our cause, said Scott Miller, CEO of Freedom Solutions Australia. “As we continue to support people living with disabilities in our community, we believe that the new brand identity will help us better communicate our mission, vision, and goals.”