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Our History


 George Winston, founder of TAD.

George Winston and a group of likeminded engineers in NSW decided to use their skills in engineering to profoundly change the lives of people living with disability by designing and building personalised technology and equipment. TADNSW was born. 


The original ad by George Winston in the Institute of Engineers Magazine 

An ad is placed by George in the Institute of Engineers Magazine to form a similar group in Victoria. Five volunteers including Mark Doherman answer the call. TADVIC was formed six months after TADNSW. 


One of the first board meetings

By the end of 1976, 373 projects had been completed across the NSW and VIC groups. Most projects centred around phones, and how to make a rotary phone more accessible to those living with disability. 


A 1977 project for a child with foot drop

By 1977, NSW had 88 working volunteers, completing a range of unique solutions. 


TADVIC employs its first paid employee, an Occupational Therapist. 


An early electric car model 

Multiple regional branches of TAD had opened up, including Barwon in Victoria, and Hunter, Illawarra and Wollongong in New South Wales.


By 1991, there were separate TAD entities in ACT, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. 


The first ever ‘internet site’ for TAD is launched!

TADNSW had its own, as well as TADVIC.


TADVIC celebrates its 10,000th completed project.


The Freedom Wheels Modified Bike Program is launched, sponsored by Amway’s One-by-One Foundation.


TADVIC votes to change its name to Solve Disability Solutions.


TADNSW and Solve Disability Solutions celebrate 50,000 solutions provided.


TADNSW and Solve Disability Solutions decide to merge entities.

They become one organisation across both states. Solve-TAD is the placeholder name.


Solve-TAD formally becomes Freedom Solutions Australia.