Freedom Solutions Australia

Logo of Freedom Solutions Australia. The text "freedom solutions" is written in lowercase letters with "freedom" on top of "solutions," both in a bright blue colour. The letter "o" in "freedom" is stylised as a wheelchair symbol, representing inclusivity. Below "solutions," the word "australia" is written in smaller, lowercase letters. The logo also features a gear symbol integrated into the "o" of "solutions," signifying innovation and technology.

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Executive Team

A professional headshot of a middle-aged man with short brown hair, wearing a grey checked blazer with brown accents and a white shirt. He is smiling and looking directly at the camera. The background is plain white.

Scott Miller

Chief Executive Officer

B.SLT, B.Com.

Scott is an accomplished CEO with an extensive background in community services, particularly in the nonprofit sector. His career highlights encompass successful organisational transformation, strategic leadership, and a passion for creating meaningful impact in communities.

Scott’s leadership journey includes pivotal roles such as Chief Executive at Volunteering Victoria and Volunteering New Zealand, where he provided strong leadership for a vibrant volunteering sector. Scott has engaged internationally, serving on committees and advising governments on democratic processes.

A professional headshot of a man in his 40s with short brown hair, wearing a light blue suit jacket over a white and blue striped shirt. He is smiling and looking directly at the camera. The background is plain white.

Mathew Williams

General Manager, Freedom Wheels

Mathew brings a rich and varied background encompassing leadership, management and sales roles across diverse industries in Australia and the UK. His experience leading complex multidisciplinary teams blends seamlessly with his entrepreneurial spirit, having also owned and operated successful small businesses. Central to his organisational successes is an unwavering commitment to team excellence and client-centric approach.

Transitioning from the corporate landscape in search of purposeful impact, Mathew’s strategy and vision for Freedom Wheels is simple – make the joy of cycling easily accessible, available and inclusive for all – and bring exciting new inclusive sports equipment to market in Australia to broaden opportunities for participation in the community.

A professional headshot of a young woman with long brown hair, wearing a dark blue sleeveless top. She is smiling and looking directly at the camera. The background is plain white.

Meadhbh Roche

Engagement & Marketing Manager

BA Health Promotion, Diploma Professional Fundraising, MSc Digital Marketing Strategies.

Meadhbh, Freedom Solutions’ Engagement & Marketing Manager, is a highly qualified professional with a BA in Health Promotion, a Diploma in Professional Fundraising, and an MSc in Digital Marketing Strategies. Since joining in February 2019, Meadhbh has been instrumental, initially leading peer-to-peer fundraising events and later taking charge of the Engagement & Marketing team.

In her current role, Meadhbh oversees a wide range of responsibilities, including fundraising, strategic partnerships, marketing campaigns, customer service, and volunteer engagement. Her strategic vision is evident in successfully orchestrating the organisation’s rebranding initiative and implementing streamlined processes, contributing significantly to Freedom Solutions’ success. Hailing from Ireland, Meadhbh’s diverse background enriches her approach to engagement and marketing, making her an invaluable asset in navigating the dynamic landscape of her field.