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An investigation of inclusive sport and recreation in the My Active Life Program

This report presents the findings of a tendered research project commissioned by the TAD Australia Network. The purpose of this project was to conduct academic research into a $3.7M program ‘My Active Life’, secured under the 2020 National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Economic & Community Participation (ECP) Grant Round. My Active Life (MAL) was initially established as a 3-year program administered by a consortium of TAD state-based providers. Through a range of community-based initiatives, the MAL program aims to improve people’s participation and inclusion in sport and recreation activities across Australia.

This report delivers key research findings centred on:
1) the personal, social, economic, and environmental context of recreational participation for people with disability
2) the individual and community impacts of MAL-funded programs, such as Freedom Wheels; and
3) the experiences of mainstream service providers in learning about, and providing, inclusive sport and recreation services.

pass it to me! - people with intellectual disability and inclusion in local sport and recreation

The book introduces:
  • The barriers people with intellectual disability experience
  • What good support looks like in regular sports and recreation settings
  • How support works: support workers, funding, NDIS funds, accessible information, ongoing support
  • Stories from people with
  • intellectual disability
  • Stories from clubs and organisations
  • Tips and tricks for good support
This book is for two groups of people:
  • People who need easy language materials to learn about their right to inclusion in sports and recreation groups. This includes people with intellectual disability.
  • Leaders of sports and recreation organisations, including clubs, teams, and community groups who want to learn about the best and most efficient processes for supporting the inclusion of people with intellectual disability in their activities.