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An investigation of inclusive sport and recreation in the My Active Life Program

This report presents the findings of a tendered research project commissioned by the TAD Australia Network. The purpose of this project was to conduct academic research into a $3.7M program ‘My Active Life’, secured under the 2020 National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Economic & Community Participation (ECP) Grant Round. My Active Life (MAL) was initially established as a 3-year program administered by a consortium of TAD state-based providers. Through a range of community-based initiatives, the MAL program aims to improve people’s participation and inclusion in sport and recreation activities across Australia.

This report delivers key research findings centred on:
1) the personal, social, economic, and environmental context of recreational participation for people with disability
2) the individual and community impacts of MAL-funded programs, such as Freedom Wheels; and
3) the experiences of mainstream service providers in learning about, and providing, inclusive sport and recreation services.