Freedom Solutions

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Our Impact

Clever Ideas, Changing Lives.

For nearly five decades, Freedom Solutions Australia has been driven by a powerful mission – to transform the lives of Australians living with disabilities. We believe that everyone deserves the freedom to pursue their passions and engage in everyday activities without limitations. Since our inception in 1975, we have devoted ourselves to crafting and modifying over 55,000 pieces of assistive technology, each one tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of our clients.

From the simplest pen holder to the most advanced wireless robotic pool cue, each of our innovations carries an immeasurable impact on the lives of those we serve. Every solution we create is designed to bring a sense of independence, confidence, and joy to individuals with disabilities, empowering them to overcome obstacles and embrace their full potential.


Freedom Wheels bikes and trikes delivered in the 22-23 financial year.


Equipment solutions delivered in the 22-23 financial year.


Therapy Hours carried out in the 22-23 financial year.

Volunteer engagement

Our core workforce are skilled volunteers who design and build custom equipment to help people achieve their goals. We work with people of any age and any disability. Today, Freedom Solutions Australia’s core workforce consists of over 250 skilled volunteers who donate thousands of hours to designing, building and modifying hundreds of diverse items every year.