Freedom Solutions Australia

Logo of Freedom Solutions Australia. The text "freedom solutions" is written in lowercase letters with "freedom" on top of "solutions," both in a bright blue colour. The letter "o" in "freedom" is stylised as a wheelchair symbol, representing inclusivity. Below "solutions," the word "australia" is written in smaller, lowercase letters. The logo also features a gear symbol integrated into the "o" of "solutions," signifying innovation and technology.

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Our Mission

Freedom Solutions Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that customises, designs and builds assistive technology solutions for people living with disability across New South Wales and Victoria. ​

Message from CEO,
Scott Miller

On behalf of the team at Freedom Solutions Australia, we are delighted to work with you to providing solutions that improve the wellbeing, lifelong learning, daily living and community participation for people living with a disability.

For over 48 years our skilled technical volunteers, product specialists and staff have delivered 50,000 pieces of affordable, specialised technology and equipment.

We look forward to working with you to design and build custom assistive technology, or modify existing equipment that will help improve the quality of life or achieve a specific goal of someone you know. 

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Our Values


We act honestly and ethically. Through integrity we build strong relationships with clients and volunteers, ensure quality, and promote a positive workplace culture.

Customer Centred

We are committed to a positive client experience at every stage. We achieve this through quality products and services and through continuous improvement.


We inherently push the boundaries of assistive technology, developing life-changing solutions through our commitment to innovation.


We recognise our success is built on cross-functional teamwork. We believe results only come through effective collaboration.


Financial stability

We are committed to financial sustainability through responsible financial management and revenue growth.