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Clever solutions made for freedom

Since 1975 Freedom Solutions Australia has worked with volunteers to create custom solutions for people living with a disability. Today, with over 250 volunteers across two States, we love connecting volunteers with members of their community. 

We always need volunteers so please fill out the request form to speak with a member of staff about current opportunities and learn about the difference you can make in the community.


Submit an Enquiry to the HR & Volunteer Coordinator

Our HR & Volunteer Coordinator, Amelia, will review your application and determine whether we can utilise your skills and provide an engaging volunteer experience.


Meet Us

When we receive your application we will invite you to meet the team.


Checks & Induction

You will need a valid: 

– Working with Children Check 

– NDIS Screening Check. 

You’ll meet your group coordinator and learn about our commitment to clients and volunteers as well as the details of the work you’ll be undertaking.


Change Lives!

We will start assigning you projects, you can attend your local group meetings for support and collaboration.

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers

Davy Lee

Electronics Engineer
When Davy Lee retired after a fulfilling working life, it was almost inevitable that his path would lead him to volunteering with an organisation like Freedom Solutions.

Mike Muir

Electronics Engineer

For the past four years, Mike has been giving back by volunteering at Freedom Solutions Australia, a cause near and dear to his heart.

Rod Savage

Biomedial Engineer

Rod has been with us for seven years. Rod’s primary goal is to assist people with disabilities. His journey with us is a testament to the power of volunteering and the impact it can have on the lives of others.