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Collaboration with Kidzfix Foundation and IGNITE HQ: Bringing a Joy of Riding to Children

At Freedom Solutions Australia, we are thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with Kidzfix Foundation and IGNITE HQ. Thanks to the generous funding provided by IGNITE HQ via Kidzfix Foundation, we have successfully built and provided customised Freedom Wheels Bikes for three children with disability. For our clients, these bikes mean more than just a means of transportation; they enable them to experience the joy of riding and to engage in activities with their peers and family. 

has been a significant supporter of Freedom Solutions Australia. They are dedicated to improving the lives of children in need through various initiatives and collaborations, including an annual fundraising rally. This September, they will be travelling from Parkes to Griffith via Broken Hill. 

is another remarkable organisation known for its unique IGNITE HQ Giveback program. By becoming a VIP member or purchasing a one-off access pass, you can enjoy significant savings while supporting community initiatives through the program. Their partnership with Kidzfix Foundation has allowed them to contribute to causes that matter even further. 

A red adaptive tricycle is parked in front of a colourful van with the branding of KidzFix Foundation and IGNITE HQ. The tricycle has a basket at the back and an information sheet attached to the handlebars. The background shows a warehouse setting with various equipment.
A young boy is sitting on a bike, supported by a woman adjusting the handlebars. The boy is looking at a life-sized R2-D2 robot from Star Wars, which is standing next to him. The scene takes place indoors, and both the boy and the woman are smiling.

Customised bike for everyone to enjoy riding

Our Freedom Wheels Bikes are specially designed and customised to meet the unique needs of individuals with disability. Unlike standard bicycles, these customised versions come with modifications that cater to specific physical, cognitive, and sensory needs. These modifications allow children who find it difficult to ride a standard bicycle to ride just like their peers and to experience greater social inclusion. 

The three bikes funded through this collaboration are equipped with features such as adjustable handlebars, customised seating and foot cups, and rear steering for a carer to support the children’s manoeuvre, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable riding experience. 

For our clients, these Freedom Wheels Bikes represent more than just mobility; they are the key to greater independence and social inclusion. With the customised Freedom Wheels Bikes, not only are the children now able to participate in cycling, but they are also fostering physical activity, improving mental health, and enhancing overall well-being. 

This successful collaboration with Kidzfix Foundation and IGNITE HQ highlights the importance of community partnerships in achieving our mission. We are deeply grateful for their support and look forward to continuing this impactful relationship. Together, we are changing the lives of children with disability to enjoy the freedom and joy of cycling. 

At Freedom Solutions Australia, we remain committed to bridging the gap in the assistive technology market. With the continued support of our partners, volunteers, and community, we will continue to provide tailored solutions that empower individuals with disability to lead fuller, more independent lives. 

A boy on a tricycle, guided by a woman, rides through a colourful archway made of ribbons. An R2-D2 replica robot is positioned in front of them, creating a playful and engaging atmosphere.