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Logo of Freedom Solutions Australia. The text "freedom solutions" is written in lowercase letters with "freedom" on top of "solutions," both in a bright blue colour. The letter "o" in "freedom" is stylised as a wheelchair symbol, representing inclusivity. Below "solutions," the word "australia" is written in smaller, lowercase letters. The logo also features a gear symbol integrated into the "o" of "solutions," signifying innovation and technology.

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FSA to host an inclusive community sports day in Fairfield

Why everyone deserves the freedom to ride or run!

Freedom Solutions Australia in partnership with Fairfield City Council will be holding an inclusive ‘come and try’ day for people with disability, their families and carers on Tuesday 16th July at the Fairfield Youth and Community Centre. This event is proudly funded by DOOLEYS Lidcombe.

Freedom Solutions Australia’s CEO, Scott Miller said, “We exist to transform the lives of Australians living with disability. We believe everyone deserves to experience the freedom of riding a bike or running, and with our range of terrific bikes and frame runners, almost everyone can!”

This special event will see many organisations showcasing the latest sporting activities and equipment.  There will be specialised equipment from Freedom Wheels – such as the Frame Runner which is used in the well-known Paralympic sport Frame Running and will be on display and ready for the community to try out.

“Frame Running it is a fun form of adapted sports that allows individuals with disability to participate in running events. With the use of the specialised three-wheeled frame, known as a “Frame Runner,” people can maintain an upright position and run with their legs in a more natural motion,” he explained.

This type of adaptive sports equipment can be especially beneficial for people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, and other neurological conditions that affect their ability to walk and run.

A young boy wearing a yellow shirt and a white helmet is riding a blue adaptive tricycle indoors. He is in a large gymnasium with basketball hoops and wooden flooring. The boy is looking directly at the camera and smiling.

Scott said, “We’d love to see all the kids, parents and carers and other people living with disability who might like to try out some of these fun activities.

“We have supported thousands of people to enjoy greater freedom and fun in the outdoors through a new specialised bike or other equipment, so we know how it can make a real difference. If you are unable to come along to the event, please feel free to visit our website at freedomwheels.org.au or call one of our team on 1300 663 243.”