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Marco's 30-Year Journey with Freedom Solutions: Crafting Customised Assistive Technology in Australia


At Freedom Solutions, we are committed to providing unique and customised assistive technology solutions that empower individuals living with disabilities. Our mission is to create disability equipment that enhances mobility and independence. 

One of our dedicated volunteers, Marco, has been a vital part of this mission for over 30 years. His story is a testament to the power of innovative solutions and the impact of volunteering.

Marco Colli smiling at the camera, Freedom Solutions volunteer crafting customised assistive technology

A Volunteer’s Beginning with Freedom Solutions

Marco’s journey with Freedom Solutions began when he discovered an opportunity to combine his professional skills in engineering with his passion for woodworking. With a background in mechanical engineering, computer science, and an MBA, Marco was drawn to our mission of creating customised assistive technology.

Crafting Customised Assistive Technology and Mobility Solutions

Marco’s work at Freedom Solutions is diverse, encompassing woodwork, electronics, and other materials. He specialises in creating disability equipment that meets the unique needs of our clients. Whether it’s rearranging a room to enhance mobility or building customised beds, Marco’s projects are tailored to provide the best mobility solutions. Learn more about our unique solutions here.

More Than Just Disability Equipment

Marco’s contribution to Freedom Solutions goes beyond crafting customised assistive technology. His work is about making a real difference, allowing clients to feel more freedom in their daily lives. “The ones that I like to do are the ones that exercise my skills, allow me to make a difference, and allow the client to really feel like they’re getting more freedom in what they’re doing,” he explains.

A Lasting Impact with Assistive Technology Australia

Marco’s 30-year journey with Freedom Solutions, a leading provider of Assistive Technology in Australia, is a testament to the power of volunteering. His dedication, skill, and passion have made a significant impact on the lives of many. Whether it’s a simple room rearrangement or an intricate piece of customised assistive technology, Marco’s work changes lives.

Interested in volunteering with us? Find out how you can make a difference by visiting our volunteer page.

We are incredibly grateful for Marco’s continued service and look forward to many more years of working together to create a world where everyone can experience the freedom they deserve through our customised assistive technology and mobility solutions.

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Watch Marco’s recent interview with us here!