Meet Valerie

When Valerie made the decision to downsize to a village after more than forty years in her family home, she decided it was a good time to get her financial affairs in order. That meant a new Will with an extra item which was very special to Valerie: a bequest to Freedom Solutions Australia (previously Solve-TAD).

Valerie has been a wonderful supporter of Freedom Solutions for quite some time, making annual donations to support our many activities.

My niece had been born with a significant disability and sadly passed away in the 1960s when she was just five years old from other undiagnosed health issues. I was determined to find a way to enhance the lives of children living with a disability. I’d do anything to stop it happening to another child,” Valerie says. 

This led Valerie to then Solve-TAD. At first, Valerie was a bit cautious about establishing a bequest.

Once I saw the magnificent work I had no doubts. You know where your money is going,” says Valerie. 

Valerie also appreciates the personalised touch. “It is lovely to get letters from the parents of the children. You don’t do it for the thanks but it is nice to know that it has made a difference to the children.

Now Valerie is one of Freedom Solutions Australia’s most active supporters; she even got to meet the Governor General and the NSW Governor through her involvement. 

Valerie likes to keep purposeful, active and productive and is pleased to know that she can leave a legacy that will help Freedom Solutions keep its good work going for years to come.

Valerie’s decisive advice to others who are thinking about making a bequest: “Don’t think about it; just do it!”