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Logo of Freedom Solutions Australia. The text "freedom solutions" is written in lowercase letters with "freedom" on top of "solutions," both in a bright blue colour. The letter "o" in "freedom" is stylised as a wheelchair symbol, representing inclusivity. Below "solutions," the word "australia" is written in smaller, lowercase letters. The logo also features a gear symbol integrated into the "o" of "solutions," signifying innovation and technology.

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Mike Chesworth - Freedom Wheels Bike Build Volunteer

A senior man with white hair and a beard sits at a wooden table, smiling warmly at the camera. He is wearing a Freedom Solutions Australia polo shirt. The setting appears to be a meeting or break room, with a plaque or board with names visible on the wall in the background. A cup and a container of candy are on the table, suggesting a relaxed and friendly environment

“Direct contact with clients and an ongoing relationship are what sets Freedom Solutions Australia apart from other organisations in the field of assistive technology and disability support.” – Mike Chesworth

Mike is one of our wonderful volunteers who builds Freedom Wheels bikes in our Northmead office. His extensive experience and knowledge in bikes, coupled with his personal experience as a father to a son with cerebral palsy, have been contributing to changing lives of people with disabilities.

He mainly works on Freedom Wheels projects and assists our Product Specialists with a client. Just before Christmas in 2023, he supported a family that needed assistance with their child’s current bike. At that time, the family couldn’t afford a new larger bike so Mike came in and adapted the child’s bike so that they can ride for the next 12 months while applying for new funding.

Mike has been a great support to both clients and other volunteers. With his substantial knowledge of bikes, he takes the initiatives to lead other volunteers in bike-building projects and shares his expertise with them.

“Just come along! We’ll help.” says Mike, for those who are considering joining Freedom Solutions as a volunteer. “Leaving the workshop knowing I’ve accomplished something that assist someone’s family is what I enjoy volunteering at Freedom Solutions.”