Rod Savage

ROd, giving back every day

Meet Rod Savage, a 71-year-old volunteer at Freedom Solutions Australia, who has been with us for seven years. With a keen interest in unique solutions, Rod’s primary goal is to assist people with disabilities. His journey with us is a testament to the power of volunteering and the impact it can have on the lives of others.

A Career Dedicated to Helping Others

Before joining Freedom Solutions Australia, Rod volunteered at the Children’s Hospital, where he found immense satisfaction in working with children. His career has been a continuous evolution, starting in biomedical engineering at hospitals, where he looked after electronic equipment. He then transitioned into manufacturing medical equipment, focusing on design and building. His work at the Children’s Hospital involved volunteering and working with occupational therapy equipment, a skill set that he brought to Freedom Solutions Australia.

Favourite Projects and Impact

One of Rod’s favourite projects at Freedom Solutions Australia has been creating gloves for a young, up-and-coming wheelchair athlete. This project involved the latest technology in wheelchair racing and required a fair bit of computer technology. The gloves, designed to push the wheels of the wheelchair, were a perfect fit for Freedom Solutions Australia’s capabilities, combining 3D printing with Rod’s technical expertise.

The Joy of Volunteering

When asked about how it feels to impact so many lives through his work at Freedom Solutions Australia, Rod’s response is heartfelt. He feels fortunate to have three healthy grandchildren and recognises how lucky he is. Volunteering at Freedom Solutions Australia gives him the opportunity to help those who are not as fortunate.

Freedom and Empowerment

For Rod, freedom in the context of Freedom Solutions Australia’s work means enabling people with disabilities to do what every other person can do. If we can help disabled people live as normal a life as possible, that’s the main thing, he says.

Innovation at Freedom Solutions Australia: 3D Scanning

Rod has been instrumental in implementing 3D scanning technology at Freedom Solutions Australia. This technology allows for the creation of a three-dimensional image of an object, which can then be manipulated and printed using a 3D printer. This technology has been crucial in projects like the wheelchair racing gloves, allowing for precise and customised solutions.

Watch Rod using our 3D Scanner here:

Rod Savage’s journey at Freedom Solutions Australia is a shining example of how volunteering can make a significant difference in the lives of others. His dedication, technical skills, and passion for helping others continue to make a significant impact on the Freedom Solutions Australia community.