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Introducing the Sandpiper® All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair!

Adventures are not just for grown-ups. For kids and small adults with mobility challenges, going to the beach can be a real challenge, especially in rural and remote areas with inaccessible beaches and parks. We’re proud to announce that we have now added the Sandpiper® All-Terrain / Beach Wheelchair to our online webshop.

Main benefits

The Sandpiper® is a new type of beach wheelchair, designed specifically for kids and small adults. Here are some of the main benefits and features of The Sandpiper®. 

Smooth Rides, Every Time: With the integration of the special Wheeleez™ Balloon Wheels, users can effortlessly glide over a variety of terrains. Whether it’s the soft sand of a beach, the uneven surface of a trail, or the wet mud after a rain, the Sandpiper® ensures a smooth ride. No more being restricted to certain paths or areas.

Kid-Friendly Design: While there are numerous wheelchairs available for adults, there’s a significant gap when it comes to paediatric chairs. The Sandpiper® fills this gap. It’s the only purpose-built, paediatric chair on the market, tailored to fit kids and small adults perfectly.

Sandpiper® All-Terrain / Beach Wheelchair Freedom Solutions Customised Assistive Technology Beach Wheelchairs Summer Accessible
How do I get one? 

It has never been simpler to get yourself one of our brand new Sandpiper® All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair. 


Step 1: Shop now

Step 2: Receive a Quote from us 

Step 3: Finalise and we’ll ship within 48 hours! 



Features and specs: 
You can read the full list of features and specifications of the Sandpiper® All-Terrain / Beach Wheelchair on the product page.

Sandpiper® All-Terrain / Beach Wheelchair Freedom Solutions Customised Assistive Technology Beach Wheelchairs Summer Accessible 2

The Sandpiper® All-Terrain / Beach Wheelchair is more than just a product; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive and accessible world. So, if you’re on the lookout for a new type of beach wheelchair for sale this summer, consider the Sandpiper®. Let your little adventurers lead the way, and experience the world without limits!

For more insights, have a look at our full range of adaptable solutions and products on our webshop. If you require a customised solution for a piece of assistive technology, feel free to request a customised service with our team of Product Specialists and Volunteers.

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