Caitlin’s Transfer Steps

Caitlin’s mother, Karen, knew something was not quite right when her daughter kept getting one infection after another as a baby.

Caitlin finally was diagnosed with an autoimmune deficiency which affects her mobility. She now uses a wheelchair. Caitlin can still walk a little bit and according to mum can ‘commando crawl’ quite efficiently around the home, especially when playing with her younger sister, Sherice.

It was at The Ponds that Karen first became aware of the benefits of the Freedom Solutions Australia designed and custom built transfer block with sliding step that Caitlin uses to transfer herself to and from her wheelchair.

Wonderfully simple and highly effective, the step block worked so well that Karen contacted Freedom Solutions Australia to see if it was possible to have a second set built for home.

Karen was well acquainted with the work of Freedom Solutions Australia, greatly appreciating how much their specially designed table and chair set had already helped Caitlin at home

Life is a balancing act for Karen and the Bartolo family. With school, twice weekly occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy, regular doctors’ appointments and more, it is quite clear that Karen doesn’t have a moment to spare.

Having the set of steps at home means that Caitlin will be getting stronger and more independent as she transfers herself in and out of the wheelchair,” says Karen.

You don’t think that such a small thing would make such a difference but it really does.”