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Volunteer Perspective - Sunraysia Branch

My name is Belinda and I work as a community based Occupational Therapist and I have volunteered for Freedom Solutions, Sunraysia branch (Mildura, VIC) for the past eight years.

Prior to my role as volunteer, I was able to utilise this amazing service as a referring therapist for clients who were unable to access off the shelf product as often, one size does not fit all.

As a community therapist, the service that Freedom Solutions provides is invaluable. It is an extra tool in my toolkit for complex, diverse and vulnerable clients. Over the years, I have referred many clients to the service to enhance their independence and meet their functional goals.  My three favourite projects are a mobile phone holder for a person to write notes during phone call, a customised bench top to convert a small kitchen sink into a functional preparation area, and a customised meal tray to suit an evolution chair. 

Although I am an experienced community therapist, the option to work alongside the Freedom Solutions team is important and leads to successful outcomes, as we all have our own unique lenses and perspectives.

In 2019, I attended a TOM Makeathon, where I was involved in co-designing a product to enable a person with a disability to brush her teeth independently. It was a fantastic program, and I was hooked on helping through design!  I developed a strong desire to continue this work at a local level and I joined Freedom Solutions shortly after, as a volunteer.

Every person and every situation are unique, and commercially available products do not always meet the needs of the individual. Access to Freedom Solutions is such an essential service in our community as it fills this gap.

The most rewarding aspects of volunteering with Freedom Solutions is the opportunity to be creative, work collaboratively with a team of skilled and motivated volunteers, and helping people to achieve their goals.


Above, a slanted wooden stand for a mobile phone was made for a lady with Parkinson’s Disease. It allowed her to take notes as she used her phone. The stand folded down flat for easy transport. Constructed by volunteer Clive Morgan.

Written by: Belinda Dixon
Sunraysia Branch

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