Liam’s musical table

Liam is a vibrant, loving 21-year-old young man with a passion for playing music.

“Liam is incredibly active. He adores a variety of sports, including bike riding, swimming, sailing, as well as attending Big Bash cricket matches and football games with his family,” said his mum, Dianne.

Living with cerebral palsy, Liam relies on a wheelchair to help him navigate his community. In addition to low vision and epilepsy, Dianne, his devoted mother, provides full-time care for him.

Ensuring that Liam could independently engage in his favourite activities was always a challenge for Dianne.

“I used to sit with him at the table for hours to prevent him from falling over and injuring himself. I also had to ensure that he wouldn’t throw any instruments around, as he enjoys tossing things, and that he could access them all.”
Consequently, Dianne had limited time for other tasks since she needed to supervise Liam.

“I often thought about how beneficial it would be if we could secure the instruments to a table. I had been considering it for some time so that when Liam chose to play, he could do it independently.”

Dianne was familiar with Freedom Solutions Australia and their services, making it easy for her to reach out for assistance.

“I’ve requested a few custom-made items over the years, and they’ve always been fantastic. So, I contacted them to explore possibilities for Liam.”
Thanks to the generous support of the Cecilia Kilkeary Foundation, Dianne was able to obtain a customised table with mounted musical instruments for Liam.“This table is perfect for him. He can now sit safely and play whenever he desires. The table has granted him newfound independence, and he thoroughly enjoys creating music!”

Dianne greatly appreciates the assistance provided by Freedom Solutions Australia volunteer, Jim Barrett.
“Our volunteer was exceptional. He was prompt, incredibly efficient, and very friendly. Jim figured out how Liam could access all the instruments, their optimal placement, and how to secure them to the table. It was fantastic!”

Dianne is grateful for Freedom Solutions Australia’s unwavering dedication to finding the right solution for Liam.
“I always recommend Freedom Solutions Australia to people seeking unique solutions. It can be challenging to find what you need, but they work diligently to discover the ideal solution for you.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Cecilia Kilkeary Foundation for their support and to let them know that Liam is revelling in his independence while playing music. His custom music table has made this possible. I’ll be sending some photos in a separate email.”